who was responsible for Kamra Airbase attack? TTP CIA Raw

Different views from the bloggers on the internet regarding who was behind Pakistan Airforce base attack (Kamra) and what were the goals?


Right after twenty four hours of a statement from high up of American establishment wherein it was feared Pak nuke may fall into terror hands; TTP has targeted to one of the most sensitive defense installation of the country’ cementing this belief of Pakistanies further that TTP is a shadow terror group funded, trained and being provided with lethal weaponries by RAW via Afghanistan with CIA giving plans how when and what to assault?

The two agencies are in collaboration and are working day in day out together in New Dehli against Pak Forces. Both came closer to gather and increased cooperation between them after Osama was killed. Objective of this alliance between the two notorious agencies is to embarrass Pak Armed forces. Bring its leadership under pressure and make Pakistan’s nuke’s safety questionable.

To launch such attacks, this time around, RAW, having decades of experience for spreading terror into Pakistan, has chosen Punjab to base TTP mercenaries. The difficult terrains of KP mountains bordering Afghanistan where now watchful Pak Armed forces are hunting them down; have purposefully been left aside.

In Punjab there is a political Govt. of PML(N) whose leadership on one hand is politically so strong that none in establishment can think of raising question of launching military operation against terror networks; while on the other Nawaz Sharif has closer “friendlier” relations with Indians so there won’t be a question raised either in the media or anywhere else of Indian involvement. The Americans are his old allies.

There is another perturbing aspect to this harrowing anti Pakistan plot. Key figures of Indian funded TTP and its sub groups in Punjab have developed relations with many core elements within the ranks of Punjab Govt.

Also fear of bloody back lash from terrorists is another thing that scare to the Tiger Chief Minister of Punjab from break down this terror network growing fast under his nose.

The result of all this is obvious: TTP is targeting to country’s armed forces, spreading
blood shed in Balouchistan and also reaching down into Karachi. Pakistan suffers while Royal family of Pakistan is quiet looking from an arm’s length with completely indifferently.

fmeducation. Even a novice in the art of mass media would know that the real target of TTP militants was Saab 2000 Airborne Early Warning and Control Aircrafts. They were not even interested in the assembly line of JF Thunder aircraft being co-produced at Kamra. This attack is a rerun of a similar attack on Naval Air Base, Mehran where the target was P3C Orion aircraft used for Long Range Marine Patrol. The motive of the attack was to damage Pakistan’s sophisticated and expensive defense capabilities. TTP which claims to be fighting the occupation forces in Afghanistan are actually fighting to cripple Pakistan’s defense mechanism. And who should be behind these terrorists is not a million dollar question. Read more at: Source

A Reader @Tr Sp. Has Mr Penneta shared satellite intel with the authorities in Pakistan on this. If CIA new where the militants and leaders of Jihad-is lived in North Waziristan and boasts of establishing a network of ground manned intelligence to guide them to do precision drone strikes how could this not be predicted.

Operations of this kind require planning and need both the money and the thinking. There is someone who provides money and another logistics. This is overseen by thinking and a scheming mind. It requires surveillance the more is less in operations like this. It was a carefully co-ordinated assault which resulted because all aforementioned ingredients fell in place.

US departments must do more to share intelligence with relevant government (both civil and military) departments of Pakistan. It is just doing minimum.

At the same time operation in North Waziristan must be delayed until we have a new political government in place. The people in power are of the league ‘the enemy within’ and by acting foolishly jeopardise the gains. Source



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